Who We Are

Sarah Eargle

Executive Director, Newberry County First Steps

Regina Eargle

Program Coordinator, Newberry County First Steps

Edith Bedenbaugh

Program Assistant - Library Program, Newberry County First Steps

Meet the Board

Clyde E. Hill, Chair, Childcare & Early Childhood Dev. Ed. Provider

KyShon Dewalt, Family Education, Training, and Support Provider

Lemont Glasgow, Local Government

Alison Bowers, Pre-K/Primary Educator

Rita Crump-Saddler, Family Education, Training and Support Provider

Mamie Shippy, Legislative Appointee, Benedict College

Wanda Woodruff, Social Agency Appointed, Newberry County DHEC

T. Sam Ziady, County Library System, Newberry County Library System, Director

Deann McManus, Pre-K/ Primary Educator

Roberta Hall Kinard, Vice Chair, Family Education, Training, Support Provider

Crystal Hayward, Treasurer, Pre-K / Primary Education

Beth Brooks, Director of Elementary Education, Newberry County School District

Elizabeth Rivera, Business Community

Laurie Donahou, Childcare & Early Childhood Dev. Education Provider

Lynn Williams, Head Start / Early Head Start, GLEAMNS Headstart

Adrien Cartledge, Social Agency Appointee, Newberry County Dept. of Social Services, Director

Sheridan Murray, Non-Profit

Stacy Farr, Pre-K/ Primary Educator