Who We Are

Sarah Eargle

Executive Director, Newberry County First Steps

Regina Eargle

Program Coordinator, Newberry County First Steps

Richard Saddler

Triple P Facilitator, Newberry County First Steps

Edith Bedenbaugh

Program Assistant - Library Program, Newberry County First Steps

Meet the Board

Roberta H. Kinard, Chair, Family Education, Training, and Support Provider

Sheridan Murray, Secretary, Philanthropic//Nonprofit

Lemont Glasgow, Local Government

Alison Bowers, Vice Chair, Pre-K/Primary Educator

Rita Crump-Saddler, Family Education, Training and Support Provider

Bethany Counts, Parent of Preschool child/children

Wanda Woodruff, Social Agency Appointed, Newberry County DHEC

Abigail Fuller, County Library System, Newberry County Library System, Director

Deann McManus, Pre-K/ Primary Educator

Emily Drum, Faith Based

Crystal Hayward, Treasurer, Pre-K / Primary Education

Beth Brooks, Director of Elementary Education, Newberry County School District

Elizabeth Rivera, Business Community

Laurie Donahou, Childcare & Early Childhood Dev. Education Provider

Lynn Williams, Head Start / Early Head Start, GLEAMNS Headstart

Antionette Alston, Social Agency Appointee, Newberry County Dept. of Social Services, Director

Stacy Farr, Pre-K/ Primary Educator

Susan Dawkins, Childcare & Early Childhood Dev. Education Provider

copy Newberry FY21 Annual Report.pdf
FY20-Annual-Report-Final 10-1-2020.pdf
Comprehensive Plan 10-27-2020.pdf